Nicholas Humphreys Student Lettings

Nicholas Humphreys in Stoke have a large portfolio of student houses, flats and apartments suitable for students.

If you are a student studying at either Keele or Staffordshire University you may be wondering where to start your search for a decent student property. Look no further! We have a large variety of student houses and flats in areas such Shelton, Silverdale, Newcastle, and various other popular locations. The majority are within just a five minute walk of the University or located very close to public transport. We also have a number of houses on the same street, and even next door to each other. So if you’re in a large group of friends and don’t know who to live with, give us a call as we can house as many as 20 people across four or five different properties, all within 50 yards of each other!

How to pay rent

If you are living in a property that is managed by Nicholas Humphreys then you will receive an invoice for your rent and reminders from a system called ‘Payprop’, which we use for our rent collection. On this invoice it will give you the bank details of where to pay the rent, and very importantly, a unique reference number which is just specific to you, every tenant will have a unique reference number, even if they are on a joint and several tenancy. It is vital that you use this reference number otherwise it may delay the allocation of your rent, and we may continue to chase you for payment. If you need to be reminded of the rent you owe, you can check your tenancy agreement, or you can log on to the ‘tenant portal’ on Payprop which will give you further information on what you have paid etc.

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