New Electrical Regulations Are Coming. Are you Ready?

New electrical regulations are coming into force. Read our latest article which helps Sheffield’s landlords get their Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR).

There’s a new law coming into force and subject to approval by both Houses of Parliament, landlords and agents will soon need to ensure electrical installation inspections and testing are carried out for all new tenancies in England from 1st July 2020 or from 1st April 2021 for existing tenancies.


The private rented sector is an important part of the housing market in the UK. It is the second largest tenure in England, and has almost doubled in size over the last decade and now houses 4.7 million households (20% of all households). The proportion of families in the private rented sector has also increased. Between 2006-07 and 2016-17, the proportion of households in the private rented sector with children increased from 34% to 38%.

Tenants in the private rented sector face a higher risk of electrical shock and fires caused by electrical faults in their homes than those in social and housing association accommodation. In 2015, 60% of homes in the private rented sector had all five recommended electrical safety features installed. Whilst this represents an improvement on previous years, the private rented sector lags behind the social rented sector, where 74% of local authority homes and 76% of housing association homes had all five safety features installed in 2015. Ensuring that electrical installations are safe benefits both landlords and tenants by helping to prevent fires leading to severe injury and even fatalities.

The Government has introduced The Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England). This means landlords must ensure every fixed electrical installation is inspected and tested at least every five years by a qualified person. The Regulations also state that a landlord is required to obtain a report of the results of the inspection and test, supply it to each tenant within 28 days and retain a copy until the next inspection is due. 


  • Upon request, the electrical installation report must be provided to the local housing authority within 7 days.
  • Private landlords must supply a copy of the last report to any new tenant before occupation, or any prospective tenant within 28 days of a request from the prospective tenant.
  • Local housing authorities will have the power to enforce the rules and arrange remedial action.
  • Non-compliance to the regulation could impact upon your ability to obtain / renew your HMO (House in Multiple Occupancy) Licence and in some cases, could even invalidate your Landlord’s Insurance policy.
  • Proven breaches of the Regulations can result in the local housing authority imposing a financial penalty of up to £30,000.


1st July 2020 – Applies to all new tenancies created on or after that this date

Example #1

Tenancy started on the 1st February 2020 for a 6-month fixed term ending on the 31st July 2020.  The tenancy is then renewed for a further fixed term on the 1st August 2020, then an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is required before the 1st August 2020.

Example #2

Tenancy started on the 1st February 2020 for a 6-month fixed term that then continues on a month-by-month basis. This is not classed as a new tenancy, so therefore an EICR is not required until the latest date being 1st April 2021.

Example #3

Tenancy started on the 1st May 2020 for 12 months. On or before the 1st April 2021, an EICR must have been obtained.

1st April 2021 – Applies to all tenancies existing on that date.


There is plenty of information online relating to the background to this new regulation. You can click on these links for further detail: website – Consultation outcome for Electrical Safety in the Private Rented Sector

Residential Landlord’s Association (RLA) – Electrical Inspections & Testing Guide


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