Are you a student looking to secure accommodation in Sheffield? Have you thought about Bills-Inclusive utility packages?

Read our latest guide to Bills-Inclusive packages and how Nicholas Humphreys (Sheffield – Broomhill & Crookes) can help you and your housemates.

So you’re a university student setting off to study in Sheffield and are looking for accommodation. Have you thought about the options available for utilities and how much they cost? – Read our latest guide to Bills-Inclusive packages and choose the best deal for you and your housemates.

What are the benefits of Bills-Inclusive packages?

Bills-inclusive packages provide each tenant living inside the property with total peace of mind that all their utilities expenses are taken care of under one simple payment. There can be a number of unrelated tenants living inside a property EG. Student accommodation and so, a tenant is only liable for their contracted cost of the bills-inclusive facility. If a member of the household doesn’t pay their share, this is not impacted upon others and they can continue to enjoy the benefits of the utilities they have signed up for. Typically, larger properties can be costly to run in terms of gas & electricity bills (particularly in winter). Bills-inclusive packages can be very competitive and tenants can benefit financially through these facilities. The fixed monthly fee is usually set up via direct debit allowing tenants to manage their finances without hidden surprises. Non-inclusive bills are dependent upon the amount of gas, electricity and water consumed. This can cause friction amongst unrelated tenants living inside the property IE. if one tenant signs up for the bills in their name and relies on their fellow housemates to make a contribution toward their share of the bill, complications can arise in times of dispute and the liability ultimately rests upon the individual tenant in who’s name the account is in.

Which utilities feature in a Bills-inclusive package?

Typically, these include gas, electricity, water, internet & television licence.

Which utilities are more beneficial to include for tenants?  

The most beneficial to tenants are those bills that have variable costs EG. Gas, electricity and water where there is a water meter. In cooler months, the cost of keeping a house warm can increase significantly and bills-inclusive packages can prove to be a very practical and financially attractive option.

Which option do students prefer?

We speak to University of Sheffield & Sheffield Hallam University students on a daily basis and they tell us that they rely heavily on the internet for their course-work, research, keeping in touch with family & friends and for general entertainment. Irrespective upon their age or year at university, the demand for good, reliable internet with generous download / upload speeds is high and all good and reputable bills suppliers offer great internet packages IE. Super-fast internet.

Already signed up to your new home to rent but not selected a Bills-Inclusive option?

No problem. Provided you haven’t moved into your new home yet, there’s still time in which to organise your bills-inclusive package. Contact Nicholas Humphreys Estate Agent (Sheffield – Broomhill & Crookes) on 0114 470 4715 or e-mail and we can help you. Even if you have signed your tenancy elsewhere, we are happy to assist and there is NO CHARGE for setting up your bills-inclusive package.