5 Minutes to Choose an Agent

With many of our landlords having already secured tenancies for next year, marketing in January 2022 is essential.

Why not market your property with a specialist student letting agent that works quickly and efficiently to ensure your property is let and managed well!

We offer you above and beyond what you would normally expect:

  • 8am – 8pm Viewings and Valuations 7 Days a Week
  • Social Media Presence on portals such as Facebook/Twitter/Instagram
  • Online Signing
  • Advice and guidance for you to achieve the maximum rent for your property
  • Contact us today to get the ball rolling for the 2018/2019 Academic Year!

E-mail: sheffieldcity@nicholashumphreys.com

Phone: 0114 321 1797

Tweet us: @NHSheffieldCity

Facebook: www.facebook.com/NHSheffieldCity/