Why do I have to pass a “Right to Rent” check?

Before you can move into a property, we will need to check your right to live in the UK. This is usually as straightforward as us seeing and certifying a copy of your passport/national ID and/or visa. You will need to bring the originals into the office in order for us to certify them.

What is a guarantor?

A guarantor is usually a parent or guardian and is someone who agrees to pay the rent on your behalf if you are unable to do so. They will be jointly liable for any rent arrears and additional charges at the end of the tenancy. They must be a UK resident and in employment. If it is not possible to have a guarantor you may be asked to pay your rent upfront.

What is a deposit?

All landlords expect that fair wear and tear will occur throughout a tenancy and trust their tenants to keep the property in a generally good condition throughout. A deposit is a payment taken before the tenancy, usually up to 5 weeks’ cash deposit, which is protected in a Tenancy Deposit Scheme for the duration of the tenancy (if your property is a managed property). We also offer a deposit alternative with reposit which allows tenants to pay one week non refundable deposit. Tenants – Reposit. At the end of the tenancy, the landlord can request deductions from the deposit to address any damage above fair wear and tear to the property. If there are no deductions requested, the deposit will be returned to you in full if a cash deposit is provided.

What is a Tenancy Deposit Scheme?

Landlords and letting agents have to register your deposit with a scheme within 30 days of receiving it. You will receive confirmation and full details of the scheme when your deposit has been protected. The scheme will also facilitate any disputes about deductions requested by the landlord at the end of the tenancy.

What is a tenancy contract?

Before your tenancy starts, you will be asked to sign a written contract. It will state the length of the tenancy (usually 48 or 52 weeks), the rent payments and periods, and the responsibilities of both landlord and tenant(s).

What is a “joint tenancy”?

You will have a joint tenancy if you and your housemates all signed a single tenancy agreement. If you were the only person to sign the agreement, you will not be in a joint tenancy. In a joint tenancy you are all equally responsible for the tenant responsibilities such as rent. While you will all be responsible for your individual share of rent, the landlord can pursue any of you for any shortfall.

You are also jointly responsible for taking care of the entire property, including your bedrooms, bathrooms and all communal areas.

Is my guarantor responsible for my roommates rent?

If you are living in a joint tenancy house share, all tenants are jointly liable for the rent, and so all and any guarantors can be pursued for the full amount of arrears.

What is Tenant Liability Insurance?

Tenant Liability Insurance is an insurance policy covering accidental damage to the landlord’s fixtures and fittings. As with any insurance policy you will need to research which provider you feel is best for you and take out a policy with a monthly or annual premium.

We advise taking tenant liability insurance out for your household. This means if you rent an individual room, you should get a policy for you. In a joint tenancy you should get 1 policy for all tenants.

When will my tenancy start?

We always recommend checking your contract for the start date of your tenancy, as these vary property to property.

Do I have to pay my rent before I move in?

Your first rent payment will be due 7 days before your tenancy start date. You will not be able to move into the property until all tenants on the tenancy have made the payments.

When can I move in?

As soon as we have received everything we need for your application, including guarantor forms, deposit, first rent payment, confirmation of Tenant Liability Insurance, and a Right to Rent check has been conducted, you can move in any time after your tenancy start date.

You will need to make an appointment with your property manager to collect your keys at our Nottingham office – the easiest way to make an appointment is giving us a call. The appointment will take approximately 15-30 minutes.

For joint tenancies, we ask that just one tenant collects keys. You will not be able to collect any keys for the property until all of the tenants have completed all of the above tasks.

What is an inventory? Do I have to do anything with it?

An inventory is a report of the condition of the property created before you move in. It should include descriptions and photos. This report will be sent to you by email when you collect your keys.

When reading through the report, walk through the property. If you agree that the report is accurate, you do not need to do anything and it will auto submit after 7 days. If you disagree with any part of it, you will need to add your own descriptions and photos of what you disagree with.

This will mean if there are any issues when you move in that are not listed at the report, you will not be held responsible for them at the end of the tenancy.

What is a gas safety record? Do I have to do anything with it?

It is a legal requirement that we provide a valid gas safety record for each property we let. You do not have to do anything with it – it is just for your records. It should make you aware when a gas safety check will next need to be done, but we will contact you before it is due.

What is a licence certificate? Do I have to do anything with it?

It is a legal requirement that we provide a valid licence certificate for each property we let (if it licenced). You do not have to do anything with it – it is just for your records. It should make you aware when the licence expires, but we will contact you before it is due regardless.

What is an EPC rating? Do I have to do anything with it?

It is a legal requirement that we provide a valid EPC rating certificate for each property we let. You do not have to do anything with it – it is just for your records. It should make you aware when an EPC rating expires.

Who will be my contact during the tenancy?

As we market and manage properties separately, not all properties we market are later managed by us. Whether your property is will be explained to you at the time of signing your contract. If the property is an Intro property it will be managed by your landlord or another agency and your main contact will be them once the contract has been signed.

If your property is fully managed by us, it will be assigned to a dedicated property manager who will be your main contact.

Who is responsible for repairing property defects?

While we hope you have no issues with your property throughout the tenancy, we understand that issues can occur. Your landlord has a responsibility to keep the property in good repair.

If you are in an Introduction only property and your landlord or another agency is your main contact, you will need to contact them regarding how to report issues.

If we manage the property, once the defect has been reported to us in writing using Fixflo, we will be able to provide advice or instruct a contractor to resolve the issue. Report a maintenance issue:


Once you have initially booked an appointment to view a property with Nicholas Humphreys, a representative from our office, will contact you on the day of your viewing to confirm you are still able to attend the viewing. We are unable to attend without your confirmation. If you miss a call from us, please get in contact at your soonest convenience. Should you wish to proceed with the property that you have viewed, all prospective tenants must attend our office with the physical copy of their passports in order to complete the reservation process.

A property will only be reserved once we have received a completed application form from all tenants and an appointment has been booked at our office to conduct the Right to Rent check. In the interest of fairness, we work on a first come, first served basis. Please be advised that your reservation will be terminated, and the property will be put back on the market if we are unable to complete the tenancy agreement due to absent documents.

Once we have received the above and requested documentation, your personal and designated guarantor details, you and your housemates will receive further information and documentation, along with the tenancy agreement to review and sign. From the point of reservation and the property being taken off the market, you will have 15 days to complete this process and sign your tenancy agreement.

Please note, we reserve the right to remarket the property and void your reservation of the property if the relevant documentation has not been signed and completed within the allotted timeframe (15 days). In all, if not the majority of cases, we will require a guarantor to put forward your application to the landlord for review. If for any reason you are unable to obtain a UK based guarantor, please communicate this to a member of our team and who will talk through other possible options available to you.