Student Life: Essential Items to take to Uni

Heading to university is an exciting rite of passage for many young adults. It’s the first step towards independence, new friendships, and a solid education. But before you embark on this new adventure, you need to ensure you’re prepared. And by prepared, we don’t just mean mentally and emotionally, but also practically. There are a few essential items that every student needs, these often get overlooked. We’ve collated a list from various trusted online sources to help you ensure you don’t forget these indispensable items.

Student sat on a sofa using her phone

1. Door Stopper

Surprised? One might wonder why such a mundane item is on the list. But a door stopper is crucial when you’re trying to make friends during the first few weeks. Keeping your door open is an unspoken invitation for your flatmates or hall neighbours to pop in for a chat. It facilitates socialisation and encourages interaction.

2. Extension Leads and Multi-Plug Adaptors

Most student rooms are notorious for having an insufficient number of plug sockets. With the myriad of gadgets like laptops, mobile phones, and desk lamps to charge/power, an extension lead becomes indispensable. A multi-plug adaptor is also handy, especially if you have devices with different plug types.

3. Home Comforts

Pictures, posters, cushions, or your favourite blanket – these are the small things that make your room feel like home. In the midst of a new environment and daunting challenges, having a touch of familiarity can be comforting. Don’t forget to pack items that bring you joy and comfort.

4. First Aid Kit and Basic Medications

While it’s easy to rely on the local chemist, there are times when you’ll be thankful for that stash of plasters, antiseptic creams, and painkillers. Whether it’s a paper cut from frantic note-taking or a sudden headache before an exam, it’s best to be prepared.

5. Cooking Essentials

Unless you’re on a catered meal plan, you’ll be doing a fair bit of cooking. Invest in a decent non-stick frying pan and some good knives. Remember that tin opener and a set of scales and measuring spoons. It might also be a good idea to have a small recipe book for beginners or at least a list of easy recipes saved on your phone.

6. Laundry Bag and Coins

A laundry bag is an often-forgotten essential. Not only does it keep your room tidy, but it also makes transporting dirty clothes to the laundry room a lot easier. Additionally, keep a stash of coins handy. While many modern laundry machines might have card or contactless payment options, there are still plenty that operate with good old-fashioned coinage.

7. Academic Planner and Stationery

Sure, we live in a digital age, but the tactile satisfaction of jotting down assignments and marking off completed tasks is unparalleled. A planner helps manage time efficiently and is a great way to keep track of deadlines. Don’t forget other essentials like pens, pencils, highlighters, and sticky notes.

Why These Essentials Matter

Moving to university is more than just attending lectures and writing essays. It’s about growing as an individual, creating bonds, and learning life skills. Being prepared not only reduces initial anxieties but also ensures that your transition to this new phase of life is as smooth as possible.

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