7 Awesome Things You Can Learn to Sell Your House Quickly

Deciding to sell your house? Read our latest article on 7 awesome things you can learn to sell your house quickly

DID YOU KNOW that over 90% of people who set out to find their home to buy search online in the comfort of their own home at a time that suits them? Statistics show that you have only 2.6 seconds in which to capture their attention, so it’s important to make sure your property stands out from the rest!

There are hundreds of properties on the market for sale and buyers are spoilt from a large selection of houses to choose. So what do you need to do to attract buyers to visit your home and make that all-important offer?

We have written this article to help your property STAND OUT from the rest so you can get the right buyer knock on your front door. Here are 7 Awesome Things You Can Learn to Sell Your House Quickly.


Have you ever heard the old saying “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”? Well the same can be said when preparing your home for sale. People will see the front / outside of your home and it’s important to make sure that it is appealing to the eye. You should…

  • Mow the lawn. A quick trim around the lawn and keeping bushes neat & tidy will appeal to potential buyers. Where possible, make your garden a place where people will want to be by offering privacy (fences, featured bushes and trees offer great borders and privacy)
  • Put rubbish bins out of sight. Nobody wants to be greeted by a stack of rubbish & recycle bins when approaching a home to buy

2.       KEEP IT CLEAN

A clean house shows potential buyers that the owner has pride in their home and has maintained it well. Here are a few tips on cleanliness:

  • Make sure the house number is clearly visible. Making your house easy to find is important!
  • Clean the windows, paying attention to the sills and getting rid of cobwebs
  • Tidy up around the house – beds should be made, bathroom/s clean, kitchen neat & clean and the dining room and lounge looks inviting

3.       LOOK & FEEL

Potential buyers will be attracted to the general look and feel of your home. This is the time to showcase your property and make it inviting, appealing and comfortable. Consider…

  • Fluffy towels in the bathroom
  • Turn on lamps to give some ambiance
  • Seasonal flowers neatly placed in a vase are always attractive
  • Manage the temperature – you want a warm and inviting home, not a freezer or sauna
  • Make the home smell nice by using scented candles, pot-pourri or essential oils but don’t make it overpowering
  • Remove mail from the front door
  • Define every room for its original use IE. Dining room table is not used as a desk or lounge not used as a gym. Potential buyers needs to clearly imagine what each room is originally intended for

4.       DECOR

A house is most likely to be the biggest purchase a person is likely to make and so, a little attention to detail goes a long way to selling your home quickly and at the right price. Always:

  • Paint walls with soft tones. Bright and vibrant colours can be overpowering and can often give the appearance of a room as being much smaller
  • A lick of paint on doors, window sills and skirtings is a great idea. Through normal use, we leave fingerprints and general wear is easily seen so a fresh coat of paint is best to overcome this problem
  • Wallpaper is not to everybody’s tastes. Keep wallpaper neutral and if it is peeling, be sure to repair or replace it
  • Replace tired and threadbare carpet. New floor furnishings will freshen your home, give it a modern look and remove odours
  • Strip wooden floors (and doors). Time invested in rejuvenating doors & floors will greatly enhance the look of your home. Period homes will benefit most from this


Any visible damage will either deter potential buyers or at best, give cause for them to offer less money for your home. Areas that are often neglected are:

  • Leaking taps
  • Broken tiles
  • Damaged cupboard doors
  • Non-functioning lightbulbs
  • Scratched / damaged benchtops


We always recommend that you use a reliable and trusted estate agent who has a tried and tested marketing strategy to effectively market your property. Make sure your agent will:

  • Take professional photographs to showcase your home complimenting all the good work you have done to prepare the property for sale
  • Advertise your home on key property sales websites such as Rightmove and Zoopla etc.
  • Provide a free no obligation realistic market valuation
  • Prepare floorplans to include in the advertising campaign
  • Be willing to receive phone calls and respond to buyer enquiries 7 days a week
  • Have a “No Sale, No Fee” policy
  • Provide easy to understand Terms & Conditions with no hidden charges or tie you to unfair contract terms


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