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The Do's and Dont's when looking for your next Student House

13th October 2017

1) When should I start looking or thinking about it?

Making friends at uni can be harder than initially thought. Going along to society or course socials is guaranteed to make you some new friends. In terms of knowing when to think about housing for second year, there’s no official date you should start looking. Don’t panic and rush into it, but don’t completely forget about it either. Once you have made some good mates, don’t be scared to bring it up in conversation. After all, what’s the worse that can happen?

If they have sorted it, then that gives you more time to find other people. Mid-November to the end of first term is the kind of time you should be deciding who to live with and looking around some places. Getting a place sorted before you go home for the Christmas holidays can be a big relief.

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