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How to Get Your House Student Ready

30th June 2017

How to Get Your House Student Ready!

  1. Make sure it’s clean! – A great way to ensure you leave a good first impression on your new tenants is to make sure that property is left clean and tidy for them on their first day!
  2. Check all of the furniture! Broken beds and drawers are much harder to replace once the property is occupied, spend twenty minutes checking that all furniture is in a good and clean condition before the new tenants arrive!
  3. Prepare a pack with information that the tenants might need when they are settling in! Just simple handy hints, like what days the bins are collected and how to reset the boiler. It might save you some unpleasant night time phone calls during the first few weeks!
  4. Leave essential things in easy to reach, obvious places! Electricity on a top up? Leave the card in a Kitchen drawer or on the side, and tell the tenants where they can find it!
  5. Get the garden into shape! If the summer weather has allowed your garden to become unruly, make sure that you get it into shape, we have a pool of excellent affordable gardeners here at Nicholas Humphreys and we would be happy to put you in touch with one.
  6. Prepare your inventory, and make sure it’s detailed! We cannot stress this one enough! A detailed inventory will make it so much easier on move out when discussing/ agreeing on deposit deductions and damages! Take as many photos as you can and make notes on the conditions and ages of things!


At Nicholas Humphreys we would also be more than happy to arrange all of these services for you in our fully managed service, or even if you just need a little help here and there! Give us a call on 01707 242890 or email to find out more about the services that we can offer you!