Franchise Opportunities

Franchising is a set up which involves you as a franchisee being able to trade, use the systems of and the proven models of the chosen franchisor. The franchisee is granted a license from Nicholas Humphreys to utilise the branding, specialist techniques and our unique business model to start your own business trading as Nicholas Humphreys in your chosen territory.

As a franchisee you will receive 1 month initial training from us
split between our Franchise Head Office and time in our branches
to experience practical, hands on situations.

You will also receive ongoing support from us including a 2 month launch period with 3 days a week for the first month in your specific territory and further remote support from our franchise head office.

”I received 4 weeks of intensive training in house and within branches in the midlands. I then received 8 weeks of launch support, with a team of franchise staff working hard to help you achieve your goal. In my first 18 months I earnt an income of £116,049.66 and I won best newcomer at the Franchisee Awards in 2016” Oliver Barker, Hatfield Hertfordshire

One of the main reasons for taking a franchise is that launching a start-up business as a franchise is seen as a less riskier option with the statistics showing that across the franchising sector 95% of franchises succeed comparing to only 15% if the business is a cold-start business without the backing of a franchisor. The banks also see franchising as an option with less-risk involved due to seeing previous successes of Nicholas Humphreys and will therefore look to lend up to 70% of the initial franchise fee and first years' costs, subject to personal credit and circumstances.



Full Members of the BFA

Nicholas Humphreys Estate and Lettings Agents are proud to be full members of the British Franchise Association.

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